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Curriculum Intent

Learning for Life 'Hearty' Curriculum - Rowley Robins

Learning for Life 'Hearty' Curriculum - Rowley Owls

Our Curriculum Intent is hearty, inclusive and wholesome with our children being at the centre of everything we do here at Rowley View Nursery School. We have key, shared values which are intrinsic to our Curriculum Intent and are embedded in our Curriculum Implementation.
Healthy: -  We recognise the importance of establishing the foundations for health and well-being in our children’s early years; it is an integral part of our daily life at our nursery school. We follow an holistic approach to teaching our children the skills and knowledge that will support their attitudes towards health, including physical activity, cognitive development, social and emotion well-being as well as communication skills and oral hygiene.
Empathy: - We show understanding and respect towards the emotions of our children, validating their thoughts and feelings and demonstrating how we connect with their feelings and experiences. We are supportive, encouraging and respectful. We show acknowledgement and offer support and understanding; this practice is embedded in all aspects of our daily school life.
Autonomy: - We encourage our children to be autonomous learners and to take responsibility for their learning. We give them the freedom to make their own choices and value and respect the processes they go through to reach their goal. We aim to provide our children with a sense of belonging and support them in taking risks and in making mistakes. We celebrate their achievement and success and empower them to be curious, confident and independent, lifelong learners.
Resilience: - We teach our children how to adapt and navigate their way through  challenges, to show perseverance and to not give up too soon. We encourage problem solving in their play and inspire them to set personal goals. We help to nurture a positive self-image in our children, helping them to feel secure and to express themselves and to celebrate their sense of accomplishment. We model and promote a well-developed emotional vocabulary to help our children to regulate their own feelings in a positive way.
Thinkers: - We focus on our children’s self-esteem and support the cognitive processes our children apply in their decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. We encourage them to plan, made decisions, solve problems and to reach their goal, whilst endeavouring to be flexible and to review their approach along the way. We celebrate their curiosity and encourage them to ask questions; developing the skills they need to help them understand the world around them. 
Yearn to learn: - We encourage our children to develop an intrinsic motivation and a positive disposition to learning and the desire to discover, create and innovate and to be curious, inquisitive and interested in the world around them.


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