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Visions and Values

Rowley View Nursery School builds on the philosophy and expert practice demonstrated in Rowley Robins, our provision for 2, and rising 3 year old children.  Our passion, enthusiasm and philosophy continue with our acknowledgment of the child being at the heart of everything we stand for and our commitment and recognition of the importance of involving our families and community during the learning journey.


Our curriculum and environment is child-led and based on each child's interests and stages of development.  Initial observation and discussion between parents/carers and key people will provide crucial information on a child's starting point for learning and progress: this successful ongoing practice, dialogue and partnership will continue to be central to a child's learning journey throughout his/her time at nursery school.


Our aim is for the children to be: -

Resilient, Outstanding, Wise, Life-long Learners in our Early Years


Our aim for our Curriculum is to provide: -

A HEARTY and WHOLESOME holistic experience for all