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We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the charity ‘Scopes4SEN’ who have kindly donated a telescope to our school! They are registered in Tissington, Derbyshire and they work to provide free telescopes and other astronomy tools and materials for schools and hospitals around the UK!

We can’t wait for all of our children to try it out and tell us what they can see...

Today, we have seen “the moon”, “my mom”, “my dad” and “a big fence” - how exciting!

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Look how much they’ve grown! 

We have seen our caterpillars wriggling all around - how exciting! The children have loved seeing them grow over these last few weeks. We can’t believe they used to be so small. The children have loved checking in on them every day to see what they’ve been getting up to!

What an incredible journey - we have seen them transform from tiny caterpillars into beautiful butterflies!

We captured some brilliant photos of us releasing our butterflies! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three to five weeks and the children really enjoyed seeming them develop and change each day 🐛

Colin's Conundrum - Macmillan Cancer Support Event


Congratulations Adalyn! 

She solved Colin's Conundrum with our closest guess of 932, only 5 sprinkles away. Well done!


Also, a big 'Well Done' to Katie, a member of staff in our Ladybird Family who won our staff's Colin's Conundrum! We hope you enjoy your Colin The Caterpillar cake.


Thank you to everyone who took part and donated towards Macmillan Cancer Support!

Garage and Car Wash


During the course of the week, the children have enjoyed creating a garage and car wash. They took it in turns to be the mechanic, fixing the bikes and cars!


Here are some of our favourite quotes from our children...


'I think the engine is broke, I got some oil for it. Lets see, oh yeah its oil'

'We need some petrol in it'

'I think you need spag bol and strawberry petrol cus my car can fly to the moon'

'You can pump my tyre. I have a coffee juice, I drink it all up'

'I go to car wash with my dad in my car'

'My bike is gonna be so clean and very very very shiny, its so bubbly and squeezy'

'I got bubbles on my hands'

'Them tyres am dirty ay they'


Painting Activities 


The children have enjoyed some painting activities inside the classroom and out in the garden! They have created some beautiful pictures and have explored colour changes when mixing the paint!

Indoor Climbing and Slide


The children have enjoyed finding different ways to travel down the slide and climbing up onto the platform! It has been a very popular activity!


One of our children said... 'It's like jitterbugs!'

Cooking Beans and Spaghetti on our 'Magic Fire'


The children have enjoyed using our 'Magic Fire' to cook some beans and spaghetti during our time at school! 


Here are some of the 'magic' words the children thought of to light the fire...





'Make the fire special'


'Abradabra bobby bob'

Bikes and Obstacle Building


The children have enjoyed building an obstacle track for the bike course! We've had lots of fun. 


Here are some of our favourite quotes from the children...


'Im going round and round in circles'

'Easy peasy squeezy'

'I go faster fast'

Science with Gordon


We have had lots of fun doing some science with Gordon! They have been blowing up balloons using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!


Here are some of our favourite quotes from the children...


'Going all the way to the sky'

'It bigger and bigger'

'Big one, go up'

'It floats in the air'

'It going in the tree. It did float'

'Its gonna fly to the sky'

Christmas Tree Festival


Today, we visited the annual 'Christmas Tree Festival' at 'All Saints Church, Moxley'. We decorated our very own tree to take part in the Church's competition! We had so much fun getting creative and using all the decorations we've been making in School.

Rotary Shoebox Scheme 2019


Today, Hank came to visit and collected all the fantastic donations we received from our Parents / Carers for the 'Rotary Shoebox Scheme'! The scheme provides gifts for children and families in Eastern Europe, who live in very poor circumstances.


We would like to say thank you to everyone who donated and supported the scheme this year!

Drumming Workshop - Thursday 17th October


On Thursday 17th October, we enjoyed a drumming workshop with Nigel! The children got to test the drums out for themselves...

'The Animal Man' visit - Tuesday 15th October


On Tuesday 15th October, we had a very special visit from 'The Animal Man'. We got to meet a variety of animals during our session, including...


  • Giant Hissing Cockroaches
  • African Royal Python - 'Jambo'
  • Corn Snake - 'Kellogg'
  • Horsefield Tortoise - 'Barry'
  • Leopard Gecko - 'Bill'
  • White Scops Owl - 'Eric'
  • Kinkajou - 'Esther
  • Tenrec - 'Mrs Sniffles'

Queen's 93rd Birthday Party


On Friday 7th June 2019, we had a very special visitor join us at School. Queen Elizabeth came to visit us and shared some stories and sang some of her favourite songs with all our lovely children!

Our Rowley View Nursery School Environment